Case Study 05: The Salvation Army boys’ homes, Australia Eastern Territory

The Royal Commission held a public hearing in Sydney from Tuesday 28 January to Monday 10 February 2014.

The public hearing inquired into The Salvation Army’s response to child sexual abuse at boys’ homes in Indooroopilly, Riverview, Bexley and Goulburn.

The scope and purpose of the public hearing was to inquire into:

  1. The response of The Salvation Army (Eastern Territory) (“The Salvation Army”) to child sexual abuse within the following homes operated by it:
    1. Alkira Salvation Army Home for Boys, Indooroopilly, Queensland (“Indooroopilly”);
    2. Riverview Training Farm (also known as Endeavour Training Farm), Riverview, Queensland (“Riverview”);
    3. Bexley Boys’ Home, Bexley, New South Wales (“Bexley”); and
    4. Gill Memorial Home, Goulburn, NSW (“Gill”).
  2. The movement of officers and staff accused of or found to have engaged in child sexual abuse between the homes above.
  3. The Salvation Army’s processes to identify, investigate, discipline, remove and/or transfer persons accused of or found to have engaged in child sexual abuse in the homes above.
  4. Any related matters.
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