Royal Commission returns to Canberra to hear more stories from survivors of institutional child sexual abuse

1 October 2013

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse will hold more face-to-face private sessions with Commissioners in Canberra commencing 2 October.

Royal Commission CEO Ms Janette Dines said private sessions provide an opportunity for people to tell their story.

“We know that for many of the victims sharing their story with the Commission is very hard. But, equally, the opportunity to tell their story has proved beneficial for many.

“This is a chance for people in the Australian Capital Territory affected by child sexual abuse in an institution to tell a Commissioner what happened to them.

“Private sessions are informal. No-one from an institution will ever be present and what is said is kept in complete confidence,” said Ms Dines.

Ms Dines said there will be other opportunities for people from the Australian Capital. Territory to come forward to tell their story.

“The Royal Commission will offer 1,000 private sessions before the end of this year and we will return to Canberra later in the year to hear from more people.”

The Royal Commission will also visit Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Darwin in the next month.

The Royal Commission encourages people who have experienced sexual abuse as a child in an institution or witnessed child sexual abuse in an institution to provide details and information to the Royal Commission by:

  • Telephoning 1800 099 340

  • Emailing contact [at]

Media enquiries: (02) 8282 3966 or media [at]


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