Royal Commission calls for victims from the North Coast Children’s Home

4 November 2013

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is calling on former residents of the North Coast Children’s Home in Lismore NSW, who suffered child sexual abuse, to come forward.

Royal Commission CEO Janette Dines said the Commission is particularly interested in talking to anyone who made a claim to the Grafton Anglican Church.

“The Royal Commission is in the process of gathering information relevant to this matter. People’s experiences could help inform our next public hearing commencing on 18 November.

“We want to talk to anyone who was sexually abused at the North Coast Children’s Home and who made a claim,” Ms Dines said.

“We know that many children suffered terrible sexual abuse at the North Coast Children’s Home over a very long period of time, from the 1940s–1980s and that many victims are still suffering the long lasting effects of child sexual abuse.

“It can be difficult and scary for people to talk to us. We want to assure people that information shared with the Royal Commission is kept absolutely confidential. We do not share any information without permission,” she said.

Ms Dines explained that the Royal Commission wants to reach as many former residents as it can to give everyone the opportunity to share their story, even if they have moved away.

“While some former residents of the North Coast Children’s Home still live in the local area of Grafton, Lismore and southern QLD, many people have relocated to other parts of Australia,” she said.

The Royal Commission hopes that victims’ stories will contribute to the Commission’s understanding of how the Anglican Church responded to historic claims of sexual abuse at the North Coast Children’s Home.

To speak with the Royal Commission, call 1800 099 340 or email contact [at]

Media enquiries: (02) 8282 3966 or media [at]

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