Public hearing into Anglican Diocese of Newcastle

5 July 2016

The Royal Commission will hold a public hearing in Newcastle, commencing Tuesday 2 August 2016. 

The scope and purpose of the public hearing is to inquire into: 

  1. The past and present systems, policies and practices in place within the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle for responding to instances and allegations of child sexual abuse.

  2. The experiences of survivors of child sexual abuse perpetrated by clergy and lay people involved in or associated with the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle.

  3. The response of the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle and associated institutions to allegations of child sexual abuse made against clergy and lay people associated with the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle, including Graeme Lawrence, Gregory Goyette, Andrew Duncan, Bruce Hoare, Graeme Sturt, Peter Rushton, Ian Barrack, James Michael Brown and another Anglican priest.

  4. The links between any institutional culture at St John’s College, Morpeth and the perpetration of child sexual abuse, including by any person listed in paragraph 3.

  5. Any related matters.

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