Public hearings generally took place at the Royal Commission offices in Governor Macquarie Tower, Level 17, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney.

The Royal Commission held public hearings across Australia throughout 2015. Locations and details will be advised on the schedule.

Entry and exit

In public hearing rooms, when someone enters and exits it is customary to pause and bow your head towards the Australian coat of arms above where the Commissioners sit. When a Commissioner enters or leaves the hearing room, it is customary to stand and bow your head. You should remain standing until each Commissioner has entered the room and been seated or has left the room, or until the Presiding Commissioner asks for people to be seated.

Conditions of entry 

For security and safety, perimeter security screening was in operation for all entrants attending the public hearing. Refusal to comply resulted in denial of entry to the public hearing.

Addressing a Commissioner

If you had permission to address the Commissioners, they are referred as the Chair of the Commission, the Hon. Justice Peter McClellan and Justice Jennifer Coate as ‘Your Honour’. The other Commissioners may be referred to as ‘Commissioner’.