Javier's story

Javier grew up in South Australia in the 1970s in a town he described as rough. His brothers became involved in crime at early ages and Javier ultimately followed in their footsteps. The family had changed significantly after Javier’s mother became involved in the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Javier was about six at the time, and he and his siblings hated going to services but were forced to by their mother.

Not long after starting primary school Javier was raped by a boy who was about five or six years his senior. In a separate incident he was made to perform oral sex on another boy from a nearby high school, who’d entered the primary school and coerced Javier into going with him on a bike ride.

The next time Javier saw the boy at a train station he called him a ‘cocksucker’ in front of his friends. Several days later the boy grabbed Javier, and took him away and raped him.

Javier felt he couldn’t tell anyone what had happened because he thought his mother wouldn’t believe him and he’d be teased by his siblings. He didn’t want to tell the school principal about the abuse because he was already often in trouble.

Sometime later Javier was raped by an older man in the neighbourhood. The man was eventually prosecuted for child sexual abuse offences and Javier recalls going to court when he was about 12 to give evidence. He took his older brother with him but apart from that wasn’t offered any support or counselling.

Javier isn’t sure why he was placed in a government-run boys’ community unit at 13, but while he was there he was sexually abused by a staff member, Paul Skinner.

Skinner told Javier that he needed love and would hug him and fondle his genitals. A second staff member also abused Javier, performing oral sex on him and also fondling his genitals.

‘I wanted to scream but fucking nothing was coming out. Nothing came out.’

When he was 14, Javier returned to his family and went back to school, but he couldn’t handle being told what to do and didn’t finish his education.

Throughout his teens and adult years, he was often in trouble. He started an apprenticeship but after he was further sexually abused by his boss he didn’t finish it.

He started taking drugs to try to forget past events and was soon involved in crime. He’d been in and out of jail over many years, and had never been able to work. He didn’t trust anyone and remains estranged from his family.

‘The more drugs and more crimes I could do, the less I think about that cock in my ass and mouth. And fucking semen in me fucking mouth.’

At the time of his private session, Javier had been out of jail for several years. He had engaged with Relationships Australia and for the first time disclosed the abuse to a counsellor. He still feels overwhelmed with anger and has expressed a desire to seek vengeance on his perpetrators. He said his counselling has a long way to go.

In the early 2010s, Javier tried to report the abusers to the police. He made a statement but the investigation was dropped without explanation. He’s angry that no one seemed to be interested in helping him.

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