Brady's story

Brady got in with the wrong crowd when he was 15 years old. He was caught by police, convicted of theft, and given a sentence in juvenile detention in Brisbane. He found the centre ‘rough in regards to discipline’.

He and another boy decided to escape but Brady didn’t go through with it. Bad blood developed between this boy and Brady. Once, when they were fighting, a guard broke up their fight and punished Brady.

‘Took me down to the dungeon and that’s where he made me give him oral sex … and then he penetrated me from behind.’

Brady was then left in the dark in solitary confinement for some hours.

‘He raped me twice. When he came back down to get me out, he done it to me again.’

Brady also believes that the same guard encouraged a group of other boys to assault him.

‘And there was also one situation … where he told a trio of [other boys] to rape me ... he marked me as a troublemaker … they raped me, each of one of them.’

He remembers reporting the assaults to a staff member at the centre but no action was taken against the guard or the boys.

‘I did go to someone and say “Look, I’ve been sexually assaulted”, but they told me I wouldn’t be listened to.’

He was moved to another unit and was released at the end of his sentence. Brady believes that the sexual assaults are at the core of his problems in his life.

‘I’ve grown up with a lot of issues. I’ve got trust issues. I’ve got bipolar. I’m manic depressive. I’m always in and out of jail. I’m constantly in and out of jail. It’s almost like my second home, well, it is my second – it’s my first home … I’m a very violent person from all this.’

Brady has never spoken with others about his abuse but is now ready to seek counselling. During his most recent jail sentence he completed a course for offenders which he found invaluable. He also hadn’t realised that a number of other boys were sexually assaulted by the same guard. He is now prepared to make a statement to police about all his abusers.

‘At the time I didn’t know [others were being abused] … It has affected me big time … I do think about it sometimes but I try to block it out because it is too painful … I really believe that I didn’t deserve any of this and I know that it is probably still happening in places today.’

Brady believes that juvenile detention staff need to be vetted rigorously and that friends can’t be employed together. He would also like to see extensive use of cameras in both juvenile justice and adult correctional centres, and for a hotline to be set up for the reporting of sexual assault in detention.

‘If there was a place where you could ring that would probably be a good idea, like Lifeline.’

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