Augustus's story

Augustus attended a Christian Brothers school on Queensland’s central coast in the 1980s. When he was in Grade 8 he travelled south with the rest of the Year on an excursion to the Snowy Mountains. While on that trip Augustus was sexually abused by one of the teachers, Matt Boland.

‘While we were staying in Sydney I woke up in one of the rooms and he was playing with my old fella and stuff’, Augustus told the Commissioner. ‘Nothing big, but all I did was roll over and he tried to pull me back and I just pretended to be asleep and didn’t budge.’

The abuse was not repeated. ‘When you think about what’s happened to other people, mine’s pretty inconsequential.’ Augustus does not feel his life has been blighted by the incident, as often happens to victims of even the briefest abuse. Augustus did not report the abuse at the time, but has been able to tell people about it over the years.

‘I have heard from other guys he has done it to other people as well.’


Augustus is surprised by some of the attitudes he has encountered. ‘I told one of my best mates and his parents, and they wouldn’t believe it. Why would you make something up like that?’

Augustus reported that the Christian Brothers school he attended has housed other known paedophiles. Augustus’ Grade 7 teacher has since been convicted of child sexual offences. Another teacher was allegedly murdered after he was found abusing a child in another state.

A few years ago, when Augustus was contacted by police and questioned about Matt Boland, he was able to make a statement about his abuse. The police were investigating Boland over other allegations. Augustus has not heard the outcome of the case.

Augustus wanted to tell his story to the Royal Commission to help complete the profile of his Christian Brothers school. He has seen Matt Boland mentioned professionally on-line, and believes Boland may still be teaching and have access to children.


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