The Royal Commission holds formal public hearings to examine evidence about child sexual abuse and how institutions responded to allegations of abuse. Each public hearing examines a different case study.

Witness lists, transcripts, exhibits, images and associated submissions are available for each case study.

After the hearing, the Counsel Assisting the Royal Commission will provide witnesses, and other people who were granted Leave to Appear at the hearing, a written submission detailing what was discovered during the case study.

The submission will outline key findings based on the hearing’s evidence and the recommendations likely to come from them. The recipients of the submission may then provide their own written submissions in reply.

The Commissioners then consider this information when they form their final recommendations during the course of the Royal Commission.

The Royal Commission held its First Sitting at the County Court of Victoria on Wednesday 3 April 2013.

View the Royal Commission’s schedule to see all upcoming public hearings. All case studies are listed below.

Case Studies

Case Study 1, September 2013, Sydney

The response of organisations, including Scouts Australia, Hunter Aboriginal Services and the then Department of Community Services, to information and allegations concerning Steven Larkins, the former CEO of Hunter Aboriginal Children’s Services.

Case Study 2, October 2013, Sydney

The responses of YMCA and police to allegations made in 2011 that Jonathon Lord sexually abused children in the care of YMCA.

Case Study 3, November 2013, Sydney

The handling of complaints and civil litigation concerning child sexual abuse in the North Coast Children’s Home by the Anglican Diocese of Grafton in 2006 and 2007.

Case Study 4, December 2013, Sydney

The establishment, operation and review of the Towards Healing process by the Catholic Church.

Case Study 5, January 2014, Sydney

The Salvation Army’s response to child sexual abuse at boys’ homes in Indooroopilly, Riverview, Bexley and Goulburn.

Case Study 6, February 2014, Brisbane

The response by the Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Toowoomba, to allegations of child sexual abuse.

Case Study 7, February 2014, Sydney

The experience of women who were sexually abused as children, between 1950-1974 while committed in The Parramatta Girls’ Training School and The Institution for Girls in Hay.

Case Study 8, March 2014, Sydney

The response of the Catholic Church to the complaint made by John Ellis under Towards Healing.

Case Study 9, March 2014, Adelaide

The responses by the Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide, and the South Australian Police, to allegations of child sexual abuse at St Ann’s Special School.

Case Study 10, March 2014, Sydney

The handling by The Salvation Army (Eastern Territory) of claims of child sexual abuse between 1993 and 2014.

Case Study 11, April 2014, Perth

The experiences of men who were resident at Christian Brothers' residences in Western Australia.