Actuarial report

Finity Consulting Pty Limited (Finity) provided actuarial advice to the Royal Commission on designing and funding redress Read the actuarial report.

Scoping study

The University of New South Wales was commissioned by the Royal Commission to undertake a scoping study of the existing broader support services network to help us understand the broader (including non-therapeutic) support services that are currently available for survivors across Australia. Information was sought on the type of services offered, the eligibility criteria and any associated fees. The scoping study was undertaken in a relatively short period of time and relied upon public information available on the internet. It was not designed to identify every single service or the level and quality of services provided. Read the scoping study.

Medicare correspondence

We engaged in detailed consultation with the Australian Government on possible reforms to Medicare. We sent the Australian Government a paper outlining some possible reforms to Medicare. Read the Royal Commission's correspondence. The Australian Government responded to our paper. Read the Australian Government’s response.

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