The Royal Commission has now formed recommendations on redress and civil litigation to ensure justice for survivors.

On this page you can find information about the Redress and Civil Litigation Report and the Royal Commission’s wider body of work on redress and civil litigation.

Consultation Paper

Prior to developing the Redress and Civil Litigation report, the Royal Commission released a consultation paper on 30 January 2015. The consultation paper sought community input on the issues raised in the paper.

The Royal Commission has published the submissions of governments, non-government organisations and individuals received in response to the consultation paper.

Public hearing

Following the public consultation period, a public hearing was held in March 2015 to enable invited persons and institutions to speak to their written submissions to the Royal Commission's consultation paper and particular issues relevant to the Royal Commission’s work on redress and civil litigation.


From September to November 2014 a series of private roundtables were held with invited participants to discuss redress and civil litigation.

Participants included representatives from survivor advocacy and support groups, government representatives, lawyers and insurers, legal academics, faith based organisations and community service organisations.

Issues papers

The Royal Commission also releases issues papers and invites public submissions on these papers. The following issues papers relate to redress and civil litigation:

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